Thursday, September 30, 2010


November Is National Novel Writing Month...
So why am I mentioning it on the last day of September?
Because I'm challenging myself again this year. I'm "doing NaNo" as we say. Last year I hit the 50K mark and I am in the process of revising and adding to that novel: The Last Prophecy.
My goal for October 2010 is to get that done before NaNo starts on November 1.
But I'm also sketching out my characters and doing a timeline for the NaNo book.
No that's not cheating.
That's preparing.
The NaNo 2010 book will be "Love Found" - about love among the ruins...well, actually about a couple in their sixties who lost each other and then found each other years later.
Love is not just for the young.
But for the young at heart.

Here I Go Again

I seem to need challenges and goals to get anywhere, so I decided to get ready for NaNo again. I made it to 50K in one month last year, so why not again?  I've sketched out my characters and began a timeline so I can hit the ground running...writing...on November 1.

In the meantime I'm revising and adding to last year's NaNo novel, getting ready to pitch it a New Jersey Romance Writers.

And I've also challenged myself to read/listen to 100 books this year and blog about the journey. 
Should be an interesting few months.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Last Prophecy

I spent several hours today reading and editing my werewolf-themed book, The Last Prophecy.  I'm not sure if this book will get published but I've certainly enjoyed writing it. I've also enjoyed reading it - I guess that's a good thing.

I was so involved in the process that I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch - reminding myself of the first scene of the romance writer Joan Wilder in "Romancing the Stone".

I could disappear into my reading and my writing...
Oh, crap - that just gave me an idea for another story.