Saturday, September 3, 2011


...why do they come in rabid dogs...or a rabid bats?

They always bum me out, especially  when I get a couple at once. Prozac, anyone? No - not on that...yet.
So I'm rethinking one novel that is completed and have to finish editing another one. Oh, yeah - I'm also editing My Guy's novel - well, the latest one. He has seven or eight completed manuscripts. I've lost count. He's retired.
And that's what I'll be soon...retired except for writing full time.
And getting more rejections...unless...
Unless I go Indie (the boutique name for self-publishing).
In fact, one of my manuscripts has to be self-pubbed. It would be useless otherwise - it has a 2012-prophecy theme. That one was rejected. A short story also got the thumbs down.
But I have several other projects I'm working on.
And I did get an acceptance from Mill Park Publishing for an essay on my two wedding dresses.
So maybe I don't really suck at writing.
Maybe some editors just suck at reading....

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  1. Are you getting any good feedback on ways to revise the work that's been rejected? I know how hard it can be. My mother used to say that for every X amount that I had rejected, one would be accepted. Keep building that thick skin, and pushing ahead.