Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When the Day Job Takes Over...

...or over takes you.

Back to work after vacation, I promised myself to work on my writing in some way every evening. That lasted for three nights. The last two nights? Not so much. In fact, not at all.

The Day Job (hence known as DJ) has me exhausted mentally and emotionally. At the DJ I have several projects to be completed by next week. I'm working almost constantly during the day. Physically, my DJ is not that difficult, but emotionally, with office politics, is a different story.

This evening after the DJ, I wanted to read...I really wanted to read. I tried everything to keep my eyes open. It didn't work. By 6 PM I was in bed (without my supper) for a nap. Supper was 2 hours later.

It's now 10 PM and I can feel my eyes getting heavy again. Did I write? Just this post and a couple of emails.

Trying again tomorrow.

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