Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remarks from Day 2 RWA 11

Some of the most encouraging comments from Day 2.

From yesterday's Opening Session:
Steve Berry: "History matters..."
Tess Gerritsen: "Stephen King is an inspiration..."
Diana Gabaldon on giving away portions of your writing: "Taste the wares...the first one's free."
Steve: "We are at the moment when things (publishing) are getting bigger...books aren't going away..."
Tess: "I knew I was a writer at the age of 7..."

From The PRO Retreat:
Cherry Adair (PRO Mentor of the year): "Eighty percent of the population wants to write a book. Five percent of that eighty percent actually start. Two percent of that five percent finish. You are part of that 2% of the 5% of the 80%."

And Gabaldon also mentioned something about doing a reading of a passage in an historical novel - the passage was about the Earl of Rochester teaching Nell Gwynn how to give a blow job....I'm searching for the video for that one...the..uh...reading. A video of the reading...

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